Oh, Behave Yourself!

The Government’s new bad behaviour Tsar, Tom Bennett, writes in the Telegraph this week that using progressive teaching techniques for all children, regardless of their background, is a “very good way to maximising misbehaviour”. I began this blog with the intention of disagreeing with him, but reading his subsequent blog http://behaviourguru.blogspot.com/2019/05/good-schools-help-children-behave.html there is more that… Read More Oh, Behave Yourself!

50 Not Out

Well, today I have reached that half-century. A smattering of applause, a shy raising of the bat, a readjustment of the helmet, and then it’s time to take guard for the rest of my innings. It’s quite a daunting moment – 50 years are a lot of years. The birthday comes a few days after… Read More 50 Not Out

Leadership: What to take from May’s (and Corbyn’s) lack of it.

I’ve been thinking about the leadership of both May and Corbyn, and what this tells us about the frailties and shortcomings of modern leadership. It is indeed in a sorry state. BUT, as we always reiterate to all our pupils, education is all about learning from mistakes, errors and misunderstandings. So, rather than blame and… Read More Leadership: What to take from May’s (and Corbyn’s) lack of it.