Open All Hours

‘Oi, Williamson, NAOH! I respect your journey from Chief Whip to Education Secretary, but…’ Like Frank Doberman, the grotesquely funny creation of Harry Enfield, there is always a danger in offering pub-discussion solutions to complicated matters, but what the hell, here we go. Here are my thoughts on a post-Covid19 full school opening for primary… Read More Open All Hours

Culture Wars

In today’s society, to call someone a ‘Philistine’ is to decry that person’s lack of education and culture. It has an interesting etymology. Apparently, the Victorian literary critic, poet and Her Majesty’s School Inspector, Matthew Arnold, was fond of using it, bringing it into regular use. This seems rather appropriate now. A debate is raging… Read More Culture Wars

The Family Vote

Well, we’re nearly there. It’s election time this Thursday and we’re told how crucial this one might be. Sadly, we are not blessed with strong options. The other day, I read an article written by my late uncle, John Harriott, which began, ‘At home, when members of the Government appear on television, even our potplants… Read More The Family Vote